New Search Engine “” Fails The Solopreneur Name Test

As a solopreneur your name means everything so I thought I would test the highly regarded “Google Killer” search engine out on something simple like my full name. Usually when I type in my full name “Jeffrey Alexander Brathwaite” into the king of all search engines Google, I get all the articles I have written over the years along with the website address to this blog. I get the same results with Yahoo and MSN. If you do a search of my full name using Cuil you also get an assortment of my articles but with one major mistake. One of the articles that I wrote for has a picture of someone next to it and that someone is definitely not me. What’s even more strange is if you click on the article link you get my article and my picture.

So where does this so called search engine pull its data of pictures from? Clearly not the page that my article is listed under. None of the pictures on this search result were relevant to my name or articles.

To be fair I used another solopreneurs full name, my good friend and Personal Productivity Expert “Peggy Duncan” and was just as surprised to see a listing from of a not so famous actress and then the obiturary of someone born in 1773 before it brings up a listing of one her books.

There are no pictures on Peggy Duncan’s search results. But there is a check mark on one of the listings. What does that check mark mean?

I admit if you do a search on someone more popular like Bill Gates you do get many photos of Bill but the very first listed name is of his wife Melinda Gates. I am not making this up. Please see for yourself.

So I ask you again where is this new search engine pulling its database of content from?

Please do a search on your own name and let me know what your results turn out to be with

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