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PayPal Plug-in Makes Holiday Shopping Safer

With the holiday season fast approaching make sure you download the PayPal Plug-in to maximize your online purchasing experience. I have written in past blog post about the advantages of having a PPal_Plugin PayPal account in order for your Solopreneurship or Small business to accept credit cards. ( Makes Ecommerce Easy for Solopreneurs)

PayPal now has a Browser Plug-in that will make your online shopping experience easier and more secure.  

The plug-in puts PayPal right on your browser. You get exclusive plug-in features like AutoFill and Save Receipts, plus shortcuts to send money and check your PayPal balance. Secure Cards let you use PayPal online almost anywhere MasterCard is accepted – even where PayPal is not yet a payment option.

Secure Cards are MasterCard debit card numbers that you generate and control. You can use these numbers to shop online even at places that don’t yet accept PayPal.

How do Secure Cards protect me?

You generate a unique Secure Card number for that purchase only (unless you choose to create a multiple-use card). You’re 100% protected against unauthorized purchases made using your Secure Cards.

How do I use Secure Cards to pay online?

When you check out, a notifier drops down in your browser window asking if you’d like to pay using a Secure Card. You can generate a Secure Card number and pay right on the spot.

What is Fraud Site Alert?

PayPal lets you know when you land on a suspicious website. If you get a Fraud Site Alert, don’t enter any information. And please let PayPal know by emailing

What is AutoFill?

AutoFill saves you time by entering your billing and shipping address in one click. It uses the information you have stored in the plug-in.

How can I view my Secure Card transactions?

Go to Account Overview>Account Activity to see all your Secure Cards transactions. You can view your Secure Cards history on the Secure Cards page.

How many receipts can I save?

You can save up to 100 receipts for any rolling 30-day period. If you attempt to save more than that, you’ll be prompted to first delete some receipts from the previous 30 days before you can add any new ones.

Currently the PayPal plug-in only works with the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox browsers. Like most debit cards, there are limits on how much you can spend in a day. The Secure Cards daily limit is $1,000. You can request an increase from the PayPal’s Payment Sources page.

So if you are looking to take advantage of all the great online deals this coming Cyber Monday, make sure your browsers is equipped with the PayPal Plug-in.

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