iPad: The iGood, The iBad And The iUgly

Ok the reviews are all in and the iPad has impressed us all when it was finally unveiled by Apple CEO Steve Jobs on January 27th. All the hype finally came to an end when Mr. Jobs gave a run down of all the great features the iPad has to offer its users. I was just as impressed with many of the specs of this long awaited device.  I have read many reviews that were Good, Bad and even down right Ugly when it comes to the iPad, so here is my take on those reviews.

The iGood
iPad reviewed by Ben Parr of Mashable.
Apple iPad: A Comprehensive Guide

This review is the most comprehensive of the reviews I read. It is very detailed and well thought out. Ben does a great job of first giving an overview of the iPad by showing the introduction video that is also featured on the Apple website.  Ben goes on by breaking down all the specifications of the iPad. He then gives you the pricing, the availability, the closest competitors to the iPad and then finally what the iPad lacks.

Please click here to see Ben’s full review of the iPad.

The iBad
iPad reviewed by Bianca Bosker of The Huffington Post.
Apple iPad Review (PHOTOS): 9 Worst Things About The Apple Tablet

This review gives you a breakdown of all the things that are not so good about the iPad. I like this review because it uses pictures to tell the story of why you may want to think twice before you run out and pre order the iPad. It starts with the fact that Apple chose to name their new device iPad instead of one of the rumored names like  iTablet or iSlate. This review then goes on to criticize all of the many things wrong with the iPad that include the lack of mutitasking, a camera, flash capability and a USB port just to name of few. I thought this review was very creative in bringing more attention to the weaknesses of the iPad.

Please click here to see Bianca’s full review of the iPad.

The iUgly
iPad reviewd by Michael Arrington of TechCrunch.
iPad v. A Roc

This was the funniest review and the most harsh, hence “The iUgly” term used.  Michael goes so far as to compare the iPad to an actual Rock.  Even though this review makes fun of all the things the iPad does not do, it gives  you a cut and dry understanding of why we should not have played into all the hype.  And get this, the  rock almost wins in this side by side comparison.

Click here to see the full story.

The Verdict

When first hearing about and then seeing all the cool stuff the iPad could do I was convinced this device would be the first Apple product I would choose to own. Unfortunately after then hearing about all the things the iPad could not do, I am going to give it a PASS for the wish list this Christmas. Their were a couple of deal breakers but the ones that sealed it were the lack of USB and SD ports on the device without an adapter or docking station, the lack of multitasking and the lack of compatibility with the T-mobile 3G network. I just signed up for T-mobile and even though the iPad is sold unlocked it will not connect to my cell phone carrier. I guess I will have to wait for the iPad II or see what the HP Slate has to offer when it debuts some time this year.

Will you, get an Apple iPad?

If so please let us know why.

All the best


  • elliottrob

    I've thrown the iPad around in my mind since the announcement. Before it was launched, I was excited. Then it launched and I was luke warm. After thinking about it for a while, I realize that it's gonna' be an awesome device.

    If it were just an e-reader, it would be almost as good as the Kindle. (Lack of anywhere download is the drawback.) If it were just a movie viewer it would be awesome. If it were just a photo viewer, it would be awesome. It's not gonna' be a completely open device because that would defeat the purpose of the iTunes store, thus making it a bad business decision.

    The iWork sweet is awesome because you can edit docs w/o starting up your laptop, thus extending the life of the laptop.

    It's an excellent device if you travel a lot if only for the movies and books. If you do a lot of presentations, it's a great device because you can edit on the fly and plug it up.

    If you are already an Apple user, then this is a great peripheral device. If you aren't an Apple user, then this is a pretty good intro. I think it'll be great for students, business travelers, presenters and people who don't need the full computer, but want some of the functionality.

  • JB

    Hey Elliott

    I going to have to agree with your assessment of the iPad. If you are already an Apple device user it is great addition because you are already using some of the products and services like iTunes.

    Since I am now a Googlefied Apps, Docs, Chrome and now Android user I am looking forward to see what the Chrome OS is going to produce with their version of this tablet platform. Can you say G-Tablet with a choice of Chrome OS or Android…mmmmmmm.

    I have to say your comment has put me back on the fence when it comes to my first Apple device. To be fair though I am going to wait until the end of the year to make my ultimate decision.