TED Talk With Cameron Herold: Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs

I was so impressed with this TED Talk I just had to post it to my blog. I so relate to Mr. Herold. Unlike Mr. Herold I was told as a child that I had to get a JOB. My mom was convinced that if I got a job as an electrical engineer, all things would be peaches and cream. So I went to a not so good engineering college in New York and ended up dropping out after 3 years. I was so close to my degree yet so unhappy and miserable.

I then spent a summer parking cars in the Hamptons and taking a marketing class at that same engineering school that I paid for with the money I earned in tips as a valet.  I got an education in one summer that I should have had all my life growing up. I made more money in tips as a valet parking cars in the Hamptons then I had earned as a Hauppauge Electronics intern for the whole year.  Unfortunately I then went back home to mom and dad and was told yet again go and get a J-O-B.

My dad, God rest his soul was the entrepreneur of our family. He was always trying so hard to do his own thing. He had a thriving DJ business back in the late 1970’s. His stage name was Disco Brad.  Believe it or not my dad built speakers and album carrying cases for some of the original rappers and DJ’s of the South Bronx. DJ Theodore and Grandmaster Flash got most of their custom speaker equipment from my dad.

Alas, even though he was doing well my mom still wanted him to get a real JOB. So to make peace in the family he did and got a job with the New York transit authority. I was just a kid but I still saw how down and dejected he was coming home from work.

This TED Talk from Cameron Herold is very inspiring. He talks about how we should look out for the entrepreneurial side of our kids rather then tell them to conform to getting a JOB.  So, I urge you not to suppress or belittle your child’s entrepreneurial spirit. Instead embrace it for he or she could be the next billionaire like Ted Turner, Steve Jobs and Reginald Lewis. They may even become an entrepreneurial DJ like Disco Brad. So remember, our kids could change the world as entrepreneurs.

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Jeffrey Alexander Brathwaite, aka “JB” is an Internet technology specialist who trains business owners on how to use web strategies to increase their customer base and boost their productivity and profit potential. He is CEO of 2 The Next Level, a web-based technology solutions firm that serves small and medium-sized business clients with ongoing technical, training and Internet marketing communications support.

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  • peggyduncan

    JB, This is a great post. It's unfortunate your Dad couldn't live out his dream, but you can. And so can your children if that's what they want. I just saw a TV show where a man's wife was not pleased when he started a business and left a high paying job. He was happy but she wanted to maintain a lifestyle and didn't want to work. He was so miserable that he ended up an alcoholic and died young. Didn't have to happen. If you wake up in the morning and dread starting your day, you know you're not doing something right. I hope you get to live your dream.

  • http://www.2thenextlevel.com/blog JB

    Hey Peggy,

    Thanks for your words of encouragement. Even though I might have to get another JOB myself, I will continue to teach my kids that they should always look to one day become an entrepreneur first.

  • Ms Boss

    This was a good article. So many people believe that the only way for you to become anything in life is to get a job. My dad was like your dad he had that entrepreneurial spirit, but because of people taking things from his business and shady business partners he had to get a job. When he passed away and I had to go to his home in Vegas I saw that he had that entrepreneurial spirit even when he was so sick. He had ordered the SMC home business kit, but never got a chance to open it. I guess that's where I get my entrepreneurial spirit from.

  • http://www.2thenextlevel.com/blog JB

    Hey Ms. Boss,

    Thank you for your words about your dad. The more we remember our dads who inspired to become entrepreneurs us the better. I truly wish we all could help our children become successful entrepreneurs well before we leave this earth as their parents. Thanks again for your comments.

    All the best


  • Aleks_18

    Very true!Becoming a solopreneur/entrepreneur is NOT easy but guess what?It’s possible & what happens many times is people try a business plan/strategy & it doesn’t work, they fail…but they just don’t want to get up & try again!My uncle, who only has a high-school diploma, is now pushing a 6 figure online enterprise putting 2 hours of his time into his business.He had also said that most entrepreneur WILL fail many times before being successful.I also hate when people say going to college will make you filthy rich.It will NOT generally!An education might give you the knowledge to be financially free.But again you have to build/create something of your own to achieve that!

    Warm Regards,

  • http://www.2thenextlevel.com/blog JB

    Hey Aleks,

    I totally agree with you. Having a college degree does not mean success. Matter of fact some times having one can give you more of a J-O-B mentality. Congrats to your uncle for building a 6 figure online enterprise. Please let us know what kind of web presence he has created. It would do our readership good to have him become a role model to all of us who strive to be where he is right now.
    Thanks again for the comment.
    All the best


  • Aleks23

    He has an eBay store through which he sold over 30,000 products within the last couple years.I have a couple friends that are currently attending college & have the J.O.B. mentality.Usually that happens to people when they see many businessmen fail…obviously because they don’t try hard enough.Sad part is, that they’ll never a see non-schedule, drama-free life in general.The other weird fact is that many late serial killings were done by COLLEGE STUDENTS :( That makes me think, “what’s the mindset of these ‘college, my plan, my dream!’ students?”

    Warm Regards,