Android Tethering With T-Mobile Using PdaNet

Do you have a 3G/4G USB aircard? I have been debating for a minute on how I can justify getting a wireless aircard to allow me to have Internet service in places where I cannot get free Wifi. My cell phone carrier has a web connect plan that I was considering very seriously. This T-mobile plan costs about $49.00 per month and that’s after having to purchase the USB aircard stick for my laptop.


I heard this term about 3 or so years ago from a friend of mine who used to get Free Internet access through his cell phone that allowed him to surf the net on his laptop.  Back then you had to be very careful in trying to create a tethering hack for your cellphone. First off, you could void the contract of your carrier by doing it and second, you could run up a huge phone bill by adding onto the minutes of your data plan.

Android and T-mobile

In doing some research I found out that there were many cell phone carriers that allowed tethering using the Android operating system but my carrier, T-mobile, was not one of them.  I finally found a software company that had just released an Android app that was said to work with my carrier.


June Fabrics Technology, Inc. had already created PdaNet–tethering software applications for Windows Mobile phones, Palm OS phones and iPhones. I was elated that they also had one for Android. But would it work with T-mobile? After a small download of the software on my laptop and then my cell phone, I was up and running.

The Test

My first chance to use this PdaNet tethering software came during a lunch meeting with a potential client.  The meeting location did not have Wifi and part of my presentation needed Internet access to show off some of the WordPress blogsites I had created.  I was at risk of not being able to close the deal due to the lack of a connection to the net.


Not only did I have access to the Internet for the close of my presentation but I was amazed at how fast the 3G speed was in the downloading of all the graphics from some of the blogsites I had displayed on my laptop. My client was pleased with what he saw and said that he was impressed with how I used my cellphone to help ink the deal.

Tale of the tethering tape

PdaNet has two versions of its software application for Android phones. There is a Free version and a Paid version. The only difference with the Paid version is that you get to see secure websites. So if you have to pay a bill via a banking website or purchase something from an ecommerce website, you might have some problems if you go the Free route.  I have not had a need to upgrade to the paid version at this time, but I do believe that the $23.95 one-time price would be well worth it. It has already saved me money in not having to get an extra monthly web connect plan from my cell phone carrier.

Have you ever tethered your cell phone to get Internet access for your laptop? As Solopreneurs we need to be able to save every penny we take in, so tethering could really make a difference in one’s bottom line.  Let me know your thoughts on it.

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  • Nice post about an awesome use for budget conscious business-folk. I use PdaNet to connect to the web for CC processing when on service calls…very convenient to get paid right away!