2 The Next Level Tuesday Emitt McHenry, The Father of Dot.com

What does Forrest City, Arkansas, the University of Denver, the United States Marine Corps, IBM,  AllState Insurance, Network Solutions,  TCP/IP protocol, domain name system (DNS) registry of .com, .net and .org. have in common. 
They all helped take the legacy of Emmit McHenry, the father of domain name registry take his business 2 the next level of success.
Here are some steps Emmit McHenry took to obtain the right to found domain name registry Network Solutions.

  1. Emmit McHenry was born on July 12, 1943, in Forrest City, Arkansas

  2. Emmit graduated from the University of Denver.

  3. Emmit was a member of the United States Marine Corps.

  4. Emmit McHenry held various management positions with IBM, Connecticut General, Union Mutual, and AllState Insurance Company.

  5. With Gary Desler, Ty Grigsby, and Ed Peters he founded his first full-time entrepreneurial venture: Network Solutions.

  6. Network Solutions commercialized the TCP/IP protocol for packet-switched computer network interoperability and went on to become the manager of the domain name system (DNS) registry, granting “.com” registrations.

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