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Are You An Instagram Junkie? Here’s How To Spot One

How to Spot an Instagram Junkie
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

Motorola Tablet Run By Google’s Newest Version Of Android

Apple iPad users beware, there is a new kid about to be on the block from Google and Motorola. The Tablet wars are about to take place for the Christmas holiday season. The first threat to the dominance of the iPad took place just about a month ago when T-mobile became the first to carryContinue Reading

PayPal Adds More iPhone Envy With New Mobile Check Capture App

More than $100,000 of checks have been received by PayPal’s new app in just the first 36 hours. PayPal Mobile’s iPhone app now allows you to transfer checks into your PayPal balance for free by simply taking a photo with your iPhone. Once you’ve photographed your check, just hold on to it for 15 days and thenContinue Reading

iPad & Velcro Match Made in Humor

I can see many more uses for the iPad teamed with Velcro. These are just a few that seem to be somewhat useful. iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.