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Create And Track Your Own QR Codes

Hey My Solos, I found this great site that will help you create your own QR Codes for your business.

What is a QR-Code and how does it work?
QR stands for Quick Response Code.
A QR-Code is a two-dimensional code, which can be read by cell phones cameras using a small software (QR reader). The QR-Code is photographed with the camera of your phone, and the reader software interprets the code and asks if you want to connect to the internet. After confirmation, the internet connection is established and you get on the desired website.

What is the advantage of QR-Codes?
The tedious typing a URL, for example of an ad or a poster is not longer necessary. Use the QR-Code for example on business cards, t-shirts, flyers or posters. Or place the QR-Code on press reports (preferably with the shorturl you also get one-click). Look for example on Flickr, YouTube or in the image search for the many examples around the world, where QR-codes are widely used.

What is special about the QR-Codes from
With the QR-Codes refers to a short forwarding address (shorturl), which in turn redirects to your target URL. This has two advantages: First, you will receive a detailed statistics for your QR-code. So you can view how often your QR-code was used. Second, it hast to be encoded in the QR-code less content and therefore the graphics are less complex. This has advantages if you print your QR-code in small size. You can put next to the QR-code in addition the shorturl (“Scan QR-Code or use”. The statistics includes both, the views of scanned QR-Codes as well as from the shorturl.

What do I need to use these QR codes?
Most mobile phones and PDAs already have a suitable camera and a web browser that allows the use of QR-codes. A little recognition software (a so-called QR-Reader), reads the code which is not interpretable for the human eye. If a QR-Reader is not already installed on your mobile phone, i can be freely downloaded and installed from the internet (eg search on Google for “QR Code Reader”).

Take a look at the videos below that will give you more information on how to use QR codes and give me some feed back on how you would use them in the comments below.

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