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PayPal Get’s A MakeOver

PayPal is getting a much needed Makeover for it’s website. I have been a proud PayPal member since March 19, 2000.  PayPal has been a staple in helping my business grow for many years now and I am so excited to see their new look.  Take a gander at the sneak peek picture below and let me know your thoughts.  Here is a link to a demo tour to the new look.

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PayPal Adds More iPhone Envy With New Mobile Check Capture App

More than $100,000 of checks have been received by PayPal’s new app in just the first 36 hours. PayPal Mobile’s iPhone app now allows you to transfer checks into your PayPal balance for free by simply taking a photo with your iPhone. Once you’ve photographed your check, just hold on to it for 15 days and thenContinue Reading

Telsa Motors Takes The Auto Industry 2 The Next Level With Model S

With General Motors going bankrupt and Chrysler about to go under, one car company is soon to unveil the next level in electric cars. I have been a fan of Telsa Motors ever since I found out that one of its owners, Elon Musk helped start PayPal. Their first car caught my eye when IContinue Reading

PayPal Plug-in Makes Holiday Shopping Safer

With the holiday season fast approaching make sure you download the PayPal Plug-in to maximize your online purchasing experience. I have written in past blog post about the advantages of having a PayPal account in order for your Solopreneurship or Small business to accept credit cards. ( Makes Ecommerce Easy for Solopreneurs) PayPal now hasContinue Reading

10 Great PayPal Tips for Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners

Image via Wikipedia As I have said in my previous post, “ Makes Ecommerce Easy for Solopreneurs” I have been a PayPal member for 8 years so I am definitely hooked on using them for my business. Over the years I have learned many of the ins and outs of using the PayPal service. HereContinue Reading