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Black Founders and VCs: The Rant by Matt Joseph

As much as people would like to believe otherwise, race can impact all aspects of life, including the professional tech sector that many consider to be a meritocracy. Matt Joseph, aka @_mattjoseph, leaned on his experience to shed light on how conscious and unconscious biases affect people of color in Silicon Valley.

Matt Joseph didn’t expect to be the center of attention when he hit send on a string of posts Saturday afternoon.

The 27 year-old was at his Mountain View apartment, tired after a long day of planning for his company’s upcoming Y Combinator demo day.

Just another tech founder venting via social, right?

That’s where his story takes a turn.

By Sunday, his 30-post tweet storm had garnered thousands of likes, retweets, and comments.

Joseph hit a nerve.

His story isn’t like every other founders’. He’s an immigrant, a person of color, and very well-educated.

But despite an Ivy League background, he says he’s constantly judged by investors based on his skin—to the point that VCs are more comfortable speaking to him about music or politics than his business.

Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review

Looking forward to an even better 2013.  Happy New Year  

Remembering 9/11 And The Towers That Once Stood

Today is yet another day of remembrance of the day we will never forget.  May God Bless those who lost loved ones.  

Technology For Business Sake Radio With Brent Leary

Technology For Business Sake Radio With Brent Leary

Tune in today at 5pm to Technology For Business Sake Radio with Brent Leary.  If you have a question about technology, Just ask Brent. If he can’t answer it he will pose the question to one of the many experts he brings on the show. This weeks guest, Ryan Caldbeck, Ramon Ray and yours truly JB BrathwaiteContinue Reading

Dell Trade Secrets: Advice From SMB Professionals

I just want to thank both Dell and my good friend Social CRM Expert Brent Leary for allowing me to be recognized in their latest e-book on Trade Secrets. The Dell Trade Secrets campaign facilitates the sharing of advice and insights among small business professionals. As Dell launched the Latitude E-Family of laptops— redesigned specifically to meetContinue Reading