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Motorola Tablet Run By Google’s Newest Version Of Android

Apple iPad users beware, there is a new kid about to be on the block from Google and Motorola. The Tablet wars are about to take place for the Christmas holiday season. The first threat to the dominance of the iPad took place just about a month ago when T-mobile became the first to carryContinue Reading

Motorola CLIQ Has Lost Its Social Skills

Does everyone remember this commercial from Motorola that aired almost a year ago? The Motoroal CLIQ was dubbed the fist smart phone with Social Skills.  I was so excited in getting this phone I wrote an extensive blog post about it. ( Santa Brought Me A Smart Phone) Little did I know that purchasing this phoneContinue Reading

Android Tethering With T-Mobile Using PdaNet

Do you have a 3G/4G USB aircard? I have been debating for a minute on how I can justify getting a wireless aircard to allow me to have Internet service in places where I cannot get free Wifi. My cell phone carrier has a web connect plan that I was considering very seriously. This T-mobileContinue Reading

Super Bowl Ads: Motorola’s Megan Fox vs Google’s Parisian Love Search

First of all, I want to congratulate the Who DAT Nation for winning their first Super Bowl. With that said I have to give my review of some of the Super Bowl Ads.  Ok if you didn’t know it I am a man and I have to say some of the ads were quite sexistContinue Reading

iPad: The iGood, The iBad And The iUgly

Ok the reviews are all in and the iPad has impressed us all when it was finally unveiled by Apple CEO Steve Jobs on January 27th. All the hype finally came to an end when Mr. Jobs gave a run down of all the great features the iPad has to offer its users. I was justContinue Reading