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Are You An Instagram Junkie? Here’s How To Spot One

How to Spot an Instagram Junkie
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet

Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

Socialnomics Stats June 2011

This is a more up to date but shorter version of the Original video on the Social Media Revolution. I have to say I like the new song but I do think they could have added some of the major events that happened in the middle east as a result to using Facebook. Part of theContinue Reading

Your Location Based Social App Has Arrived

Clarence Wooten has done it again. Mr Wooten has taken the location based social networking service 2 The Next Level. Just like he did with his Groupsite service back in 2008. I just watched the video presentation of Mr. Wooten’s newest creation at the TechChrunch Disrupt event in New York City. I am originally fromContinue Reading

Defining and Measuring Social Media Influence

How do you define and measure your social media influence? Klout rates your online influence on a scale of  1 to 100 and suggests that the higher your score the more you have to offer as an influencer.  I think influence is made up of a combination of quantity and quality variables.  There is soContinue Reading