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Are You An Instagram Junkie? Here’s How To Spot One

How to Spot an Instagram Junkie
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet

Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

Google+ Reaches 10 Million Users In 10 Days; Did You Get Invited To The Party?

I have to say I am very impressed with Google+ so far. It has a lot to offer technogeeks like myself. But can it go mainstream like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Before being invited to try Google+ I spent most of my time on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, in that order.  Now the order isContinue Reading

Socialnomics Stats June 2011

This is a more up to date but shorter version of the Original video on the Social Media Revolution. I have to say I like the new song but I do think they could have added some of the major events that happened in the middle east as a result to using Facebook. Part of theContinue Reading

Facebook New Profile Facelift

If you have not heard it yet Facebook is launching a redesign of their profile page. The announcement on 60 minutes to everyone by storm. If you didn’t get a chance to see it here is the full story via 2 videos from Mark Zuckerberg interview with Leslie Stall. Take a look at let meContinue Reading