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Congrats To Zoho For Turning Five

Business, Productivity & Collaboration Application service, Zoho is celebrating its fifth year.

I have been recommending Zoho to my fellow  Solopreneurs for many years now and I continue to use several of Zoho’s office suite services to this day. My ultimate favorite is ZohoCRM.  ZohoMeeting has been the perfect web based tool for most of my virtual training sessions and I use ZohoNote book daily to keep track of client notes and website bookmarks.

Zoho has recently collaborated with Google and can now be linked to your Google Apps email and calendar. So congratulations again Zoho for making it to the five year threshold.

Are You Google Buzzed OUT Yet?

Ok so the tech world is a Buzz.. no pun intended about this new communication service by Google. Google Buzz was release with very little fan fair and a lot of quirky bugs. No one really new what to expect from the announcement and many were puzzled at first with what they saw. Was thisContinue Reading

Green Printing From Any Website

Are you tired of wasting paper and ink printing unwanted content and graphics from the Internet?  As wonderful as the Internet has been all these many years for finding and distributing great content, there has been one huge flaw up till now that has not been addressed. Most people that find what they want onContinue Reading

iPad: The iGood, The iBad And The iUgly

Ok the reviews are all in and the iPad has impressed us all when it was finally unveiled by Apple CEO Steve Jobs on January 27th. All the hype finally came to an end when Mr. Jobs gave a run down of all the great features the iPad has to offer its users. I was justContinue Reading

Microsoft Killer or Apple Wannabe: Chrome OS Is Finally Here

Who has the ultimate Operating System? Windows 7 is making a lot of noise right now. Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) is on the rise.  But what about Google’s Chrome OS where does it sit in this hierarchy of operating systems.  Well if you are looking for a fast booting completely web based application, thatContinue Reading