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Green Printing From Any Website

Are you tired of wasting paper and ink printing unwanted content and graphics from the Internet?  As wonderful as the Internet has been all these many years for finding and distributing great content, there has been one huge flaw up till now that has not been addressed.

Most people that find what they want on the Internet eventually choose to print that information out via their laser or deskjet printer.  The problem is when you print that website out you almost never know what you are going to get.

Print What You Like”  a Web 2.0 service has finally made it easy to fix an Internet problem most of us have endured for many years.

If you are like me all you really want is to print the content that is most important to you and nothing else. Well your frustration in printing websites is finally over because the service virtually eliminates the waste in three easy steps.

Step 1

Lets say you are on a website that has content along with full color graphics for ads and a dark background. Depending on how that website was created, printing it could be a paper and ink nightmare.

Step 2

Put that same url/website address in the space provided on website and watch the magic happen. will take out all the background color, ads, and anything else you don’t want to print.

Step 3


It is that simple.

Check out this video demonstration of just how easy it is to use

This service has the best of both worlds, not only are you saving money by not wasting paper and ink but your savings stays in your pocket because this service is absolutely Free. Every time I use the service I feel as though I am making a difference in becoming more environmentally contentious. The more you use the service the more you realize how wasteful your old ways of printing websites really is. allows you to print Green while saving you some Greenbacks. I highly recommend you try this service and ask for some of your feedback on how you saved money in the comments below.

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