Category Archives: Web 2.0 Communication Makes It Easier for Solopreneurs to deal with SPAM

We all have done it and will continue to do it when it comes to marketing offers on the internet. We give out our email address in order to get something we would like to subscribe too or even download. Most of use have figured out that if we think we may get put on a SPAM list after receiving our offer we give out a Free email account address. Some of use have more than one. I happen to have 10 of them.

Every time I apply to be a beta tester of another Web 2.0 company I have to give up my email address. That email address has to then be verified by the company to make sure that I am human and not a machine so it does not waste time creating my beta test account. But it gets really frustrating keeping up with all the Free email accounts as well as having to log into each one in order to check on your not so important but in some cases temporarily important emails.

Otherinbox has a solution that is going to give suspect emails and SPAM a run for it’s money. Now instead of giving out your individual Free email address why not create a custom email address that can help you organize and keep track of all suspect email offers. With Otherinbox you can create multiple email addresses like or all on the fly without any setup.

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Solopreneurs Stay In Touch With One Number From GrandCentral

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