PayPal Get’s A MakeOver

PayPal is getting a much needed Makeover for it’s website. I have been a proud PayPal member since March 19, 2000.  PayPal has been a staple in helping my business grow for many years now and I am so excited to see their new look.  Take a gander at the sneak peek picture below andContinue Reading

Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review

Looking forward to an even better 2013.  Happy New Year  

Remembering 9/11 And The Towers That Once Stood

Today is yet another day of remembrance of the day we will never forget.  May God Bless those who lost loved ones.  

Technology For Business Sake Radio With Brent Leary

Technology For Business Sake Radio With Brent Leary

Tune in today at 5pm to Technology For Business Sake Radio with Brent Leary.  If you have a question about technology, Just ask Brent. If he can’t answer it he will pose the question to one of the many experts he brings on the show. This weeks guest, Ryan Caldbeck, Ramon Ray and yours truly JB BrathwaiteContinue Reading

LinkedIn Password Breach – What You Should Do Now

I am a huge LinkedIn fan and have used this social network to connect to many of my prospects and customers.  If you have not heard someone posted over 6+ million passwords to a message board. They didn’t say if these were user names and passwords but here is the official response from LinkedIn onContinue Reading