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Google Brings Web TV To Television

Google is at it again, and this time they are messing with Television. I have been an admitted TVaholic for many years now. It got so bad some years ago that I used to schedule my life around my TV shows. Five years ago just after the birth of our first child my wife and I decided to give up TV. We wanted to see if we could do other more meaningful things instead of sitting in front of the television for hours a day.  Web TV was at its infancy back then. Both Hulu.com and Fancast.com were not around so there were slim pickens when it came to TV watching online.

Fast forward to today. I now can now watch the majority of my TV online at most of the major network websites. ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox all have full episodes of their shows online.  So now I can catch up on the latest “Undercover Boss” whenever I want.

Well Google now wants to take my Web TV experience and put it back on the big screen. Google TV will allow you to do a search for your favorite TV shows from the web and then watch them on your 60 inch HDTV set. Unfortunately mine is only 30 inches and its not an HDTV but 30 inches is bigger than my 22 inch computer monitor.

So take a look at the Youtube video demonstrating Google TV and let me know what you think of Google TV in the comments below.

Google is also collecting your email address to enable Google to contact you with news, updates, and launch information related to Google TV. http://bit.ly/googletv2

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