The Facebook Insider’s Guide to Viral Marketing is a Solopreneurs Dream Come True

I have been a member of Facebook for alomst 3 months now and I am hooked. I have already amassed about 380 friends and countng at the time of this posting. I have all but abandoned the page I once had and I suggest that all Solopreneurs and Small Business persons do the same.

My good friend Brent Leary a CRM Analyst turned me onto Facebook but I really never took it seriously until I saw how many professional people were on Facebook. I, like everyone esle on the planet thought would be the answer to helping me promote my business online. All I got from was a bunch of junk advertising and requests from internet porn spammers to be my friend.

Facebook has changed my way of thinking when it comes to online social networking. I have met some of the most positive and productive people on the planet within Facebook pages. My favorite Facebook application has got to be “Events” where you can post your upcoming event for thousands if not millions of fellow professionals and Solopreneurs to see. I have been invited to some of the best teleseminars, webnars and networking events through this Facebook application.

As quoted in the Facebook Pages The Insider’s Guide to Viral Marketing.

Businesses now have the ability to expand their revenue base and acquire new customers through free Facebook Pages. Pages enable customers to interact, learn, purchase, and spread the word about your business to their friends”

“Every day, most of Facebook’s 70 million active users log on to Facebook to learn about their friends and share information about their interests and activities. This regular interaction gives businesses the opportunity to connect with existing and new customers as effectively as a face-to-face meeting”

Here are the four Keys to using Facebook

1) Make business personal.

2) Update your Facebook Page frequently.

3) Harness the power of News Feed.

4) Choose the applications that are best for your business.

 I have also posted the complete guide below. My suggestion is that you quickly download it, Read it and then take action on all that is has to offer.

All The Best