Woman 2.0 Gives A New Meaning to Girl Power

Woman 2.0 LogoThe second Woman 2.0 conference and business plan competition was held in Stanford California this past weekend. 125 women owned companies submited their bids to be in this competion but only 5 got the chance to pitch their companies’ idea to 9 judges. These five companies were competing for a chance to win 15,000 in business services and a chance to meet with angel investor Esther Dyson who has previously invested in companies like Flickr and del.icio.us who were then sold to Yahoo.

The five competing companies were as follows in order of their final standings.

1. Koollage
2. Gaiagy
3. Skillshop
4. Webvet
5. Passive Devices

Three of the favorites were Kollage, Gaiagy and Webvet.

Koollage was the big winner with its ability to bring iphone users and blogs together using widgets that mix different types of digital media such as video, images, and search results.

Gaiagy will give building owners (both individuals and businesses) personal recommendations for how they can most economically make their operations more “green”.

Webvet is a website that is looking to to help you and your veterinarian provide the best possible care for your pets.

If I had to choose a company that could really make it in the world we live in today, I would have to choose Gaiagy.com. The Green factor is IN right now and it is not going to do anything but get bigger. The sales of tankless water heaters and low flow toilets are going into overdrive. I for one just got a float ball replaced in my bathroom toilet that is currently saving me almost $100.00 a month on my water bill.

Gaiagy may not be the most high-tech of the five finalist but I sure hope it gets funding from someone. We need more Green products in our homes and buinesses. I also applaude the founders of Women 2.0 in recognizing that women can also produce ideas that can take shape and blossom into successful web 2.0 companies.

Stay tuned in to when the next Women 2.0 conference and business plan competition will take place.

Don’t let us Guys steal all the glory of the Web 2.0 age.

All the best