Most Impressive Demos At TechCrunch50 Day2: Swype and Postbox,

I think that the TechCrunch50 can just stop the contest now after seeing the demo of Swype.
I new way of inputting data to any device. How cool is this technology. Day two was slow but ended strong. You have to see this demo.

Swype creates text input technology for screens. The patented interface enables users to create words with one continuous finger motion across an on-screen keyboard. This approach provides a faster and easier way to write. Swype delivers single-tap, multi-tap, predictive and “swype” motions for both stylus and finger based input. In addition, the application is designed to work across a variety of devices such as phones, tablets, game consoles, kiosks, televisions, virtual screens and more. Seattle based Swype Inc. was founded by Cliff Kushler and Randy Marsden in 2003. Cliff is the co-inventor of T9, the standard predictive text-entry solution used on almost 3 billion mobile phones worldwide. Randy is the developer of the onscreen keyboard included in Windows, with an installed base of over 500 million units.

Postbox was very impressive as well. This desktop application would help you manage your email and give Microsoft Outlook a true challenge.

A new desktop email application, Postbox™ helps users spend less time managing email and more time using email to get things done. Powered by the Mozilla platform, Postbox automatically detects, analyzes and catalogs all types of content, letting users seamlessly find, organize and act upon text, images, URLs, addresses and more hidden deep within their mail store. Since found data is displayed in context it can be easily repurposed in new messages or web searches, or even shared online—all from within Postbox. Simple tagging features let users organize messages the way they want and then focus on one project at a time without missing out on important new messages. Users can also gather messages by conversation, annotate messages and create to-do items that appear in mailbox windows. Postbox, Inc. was founded by Sherman Dickman and Scott MacGregor in December of 2007, and is based in San Francisco, California.