Change has come to

whitehouse_govNot to long after our new President of the United States was sworn in change instantly happened to the White House website.

The new website is run by Macon Phillips, the Director of New Media for the White House. is now redirected to

There is even a new White House Twitter account @whitehouse_gov

According to TwitterCounter the Whitehouse twitter account added 4,764 followers yesterday and predicts another 7k the next day, with 76k by the end of 3o days.

There is no sign of an official Facebook page for the White House yet but if one does crop up I will keep you posted.
If you see one before me please shoot me an email or send it in a comment on this post.

My favorite part of the website currently is the THE BRIEFING ROOM. President Barack Obama plans to publish a weekly video address every Saturday morning of his presidency and you can find it under this heading. The Briefing Room also has a section for the official White House Blog. I look forward to seeing and reading the many post but I don’t yet see a way one can make comments to the blog.

President Obama did a masterful job using the Internet leading up to his eventful election and will continue to use social media as a way to stay in touch with the many Americans that helped put him into office.  President Obama gave us many lessons on how we as Solopreneurs and Small Business people can use social media to help promote and market out businesses. Please see my blog post Barack 2.0 Will Help Solopreneurs Understand Social Media Marketing to learn more.

If you would like to take a look at the old  George W. White House Website take a look at the link below.

I, for one look forward to the change our country is headed toward and I am so proud to not just be an African American  like our new President but finally proud to be an American.

All the best

and May God Bless our New First Family