Microsoft Killer or Apple Wannabe: Chrome OS Is Finally Here

Who has the ultimate Operating System? Windows 7 is making a lot of noise right now. Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) is on the rise.  But what about Google’s Chrome OS where does it sit in Chrome_OSthis hierarchy of operating systems.  Well if you are looking for a fast booting completely web based application, that needs no explanation to operate because if you know how to use a browser you will know how to use Chrome OS.  If you biggest question is “How fast can I get on the Internet?” then this OS is for you. Especially if you are thinking of purchasing a new Netbook like I am one day.  See the Gadget Lab blog post to find out more  Five Things Google’s Chrome OS Will Do for Your Netbook.

Cost, Speed, Compatibility, Portability and New Applications are the main reasons you would choose Chrome OS over Windows 7 or Mac OS X for  your Netbook. The only drawback to this operating system is that if you are not connected to the Internet you will have problems. This OS is almost entirely dependent on the the Internet so if you have to store anything locally or you have to work offline 95 percent of the time, I would not suggest getting or installing Chrome OS.

So if you want go from 0 to Internet in less than 10 seconds, I totally recommend Google’s Chrome OS. I look forward to purchasing my first Netbook with Chrome OS already installed.

Here is a link to one of the first demos of Chrome OS

Here is a link to Tech Crunch where you read how to download and install Chrome OS

All the best