Facebook Intervention: Why I Deleted Over 3000+ Facebook Friends

I have been a Facebook enthusiast for about 2 years now and was really happy with my growing legion of friends. I was well on my way to having over 4000 friends until a huge revelation came over me. I did not know who 90 percent of my Facebook friends were!

I like most of you, bought into the program that the more friends you have the better. I believed this whole heartedly up until this past Christmas. What happened to me this past Christmas you may ask? Well I got a new smart phone that had a special software included to keep me up to date with most of my Social Networking services like Facebook and Twitter.

MOTOBLUR is the name of the service created by Motorola.  MOTOBLUR will push Facebook and Twitter updates to my phone without having to download an application or go to their websites. It is a great feature to have when you want to keep up to date with all the people you follow on Twitter or have as friends on Facebook. This was a feature I thought would be a great asset to having this new smart phone. Boy was I right and wrong.

Too Much of a Good Thing.
Some times too much of a good thing is just that, TOO MUCH.  After setting up MOTOBLUR to grab both my Facebook and Twitter something strange happened. My cell phone got really slow and sluggish in responding. At first I thought it was just a defect of the phone but I then realized that it was the thousands of updates downloading to my MOTOBLUR service. It got so bad I almost thought I made the wrong choice in cell phones.

Mass Exodus Deletus
After getting all these status updates from people I didn’t even know or care about I finally made the decision that this was ridiculous and trying to keep up with all these people on my phone made no sense at all. It was bad enough trying to keep up with all of them online with my computer. So I decided to delete all unknown friends. This took me a few days because Facebook does not have any kind of mass delete button. You have to delete each person one at a time.

Quality Not Quantity
I am currently down to about 650+ friends and I am still finding some that I don’t know. I will continue to delete these friends that I don’t know or that don’t directly know someone I know. Some of you may have already figured this out and will keep your friends to a minimum. Those of you who are currently stockpiling friends as though they were a heard of cattle should think twice on what you are doing.  Facebook should be used to build and maintain quality relationships between family and true friends not be a free for all numbers game.

Facebook Fans vs Friends
Now that I have my Facebook Friends under control I am now looking to build up my Facebook Fan pages. If you would like to know more on why you should create a Facebook Fan page over another Facebook profile please see my blog post “The Facebook Insider’s Guide to Viral Marketing is a Solopreneurs Dream Come True“. In the mean time please join one of my two fan pages. One is geared toward using Web 2.0 technology optimization to better your business. The other “JB Speaks” is centered around my love of speaking and training.

How many Facebook friends do you have?

Are you Facebook friends just numbers, or are they true friends?

Do you have a Facebook Fan page? If so, please list the url in our comments below.

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All the best