TED Talk: How To Be a Technology Innovator Without Having an Engineering Degree

I was so inspired by this TED talk I had to blog about it.

Meredith Perry is the Founder and CEO of uBeam, a company that hopes to bring space age wireless charging technology to your cell phone and other wireless devices. Meredith graduated from the University of Pennsylvania studying rocks, of all things. Her paleobiology degree was put to good use while researching astrobiology at NASA, landing her a position as a NASA student ambassador. But inventing turned out to be Meredith’s passion, creating a device that won Penn’s student invention competition and propelling her into the world of business and tech.

Her talk titled, “How To Be a Technology Innovator Without Having an Engineering Degree or Aspergers.

What I liked most about this talk is that even though she was told by many engineers and folks who where more technically minded than her that her idea would never work, she continued to persevere. She took an idea and she literally “Googled it” and came up with a model and then prototype she was able to present to an invention competition. She then was asked to present her model at the initial D: All Things Digital conference.┬áThis was all done back in 2011 as seen in the video below.

Fast forward to today and uBeam has raised just under 14 million dollars in funding. She has built a technology company from just and idea and a concept. She was bad mouthed and berated by many an engineer and now she is hiring them to join her company. This is a classic story self determination. I can’t wait to see her product in stores world wide and I look forward to being one of her first customers.

Let’s all continue to turn our Haters into our Motivators.

Well done Ms. Perry.