Defining and Measuring Social Media Influence

How do you define and measure your social media influence? Klout rates your online influence on a scale of  1 to 100 and suggests that the higher your score the more you have to offer as an influencer.  I think influence is made up of a combination of quantity and quality variables.  There is so much more to ones influence than just playing a numbers game with social media.

Social media monitoring software company Radian6 dedicated a month long blog series and an ebook to this highly sought-after subject matter. Community Manager, Teresa Basich has done an excellent job at creating a collection of blog post that will educate and engage you.

Ms. Basich starts out with “The 4 Most Important Elements of Influence” where she talks about how Trust, Authority, Value and Connection play an integral role in building influence. She goes on and talks about the complexity of developing and maintaining key business relationships over social media with, “Managing and Interacting With Your Social Media Influencers“. She next takes the discussion of social media influence to another level by comparing popularity to influence with, “Does Popularity Ever Trump Influence?” Ms. Basich concludes the series exploring how to bring influencers into the fold of your business: “5 Key Considerations for Developing a Successful Online Influencer Program“.

Last but not least analytics expert Chuck Hemann helps Radian6 ask the question, “How can you, as a company, find the right group of people –large or small – to make that desired impact on your business?” in their January ebook “Defining and Measuring Influence”.  This ebook is an awe inspiring manual of how businesses should use social media as a tool to leverage their greater market and bolster their immediate community of influencers.

I highly suggest that you read all of the blog posts in this series and download and read the ebook. I also implore you not to just read these works but that you put them into action with a social media influencer program of your own.

I look forward to hearing your comments on how social media has influenced you as a solopreneur and business owner.