CollectiveX Takes Membership Groups 2 The Next Level

What if you could combine the simplicity of Yahoo Groups the professionalism of Linkedin, the look and feel of a Ning, the social skills of Facebook and the added security of a corporate intranet. We as Solopreneurs and Small Business owners have many different group memberships and affiliations.

I myself have a Yahoo Group for keeping track of my old college mates, I am on Linkedin for many of the professional and job related contacts I make on a regular basis. I administer a Ning with a colleage of mine to help us grow a community of ebay users. I keep track of most of my social networking on Facebook and also use Google Apps for a secure intranet. This is why I am so impressed with CollectiveX and its Groupsites. CollectiveX is the creation of one “Serial Entrepreneur” named Clarence Wooten. More