Domain Name Power Can Be Worth Millions To Solopreneurs

I have owned well over 100 domain names over the many years I have been on the Internet. For some of you who don’t remember when the world wide web first starting out domain names were actually FREE. Yes, I said FREE. Since then domain names have taken a roller coaster ride. Today you can register a domain name for as little as 6.95 per year and in some cases depending on who is doing the promotion Free domain name registrations are still available.

The number of dotcom domain names has soared more than 130 percent to 66 million. Every two seconds, another joins the list.

So what is in a domain name that can be worth millions? Well according to Business 2.0 Magazine Kevin Ham’s domain names have made him 300 million dollars richer. Kevin Ham owns domain names like and which he paid $350.000 for when it went up for bid 2 years ago. Mr. Ham owns about 300,000 domain names, and No that was not a typo. He owns roughly 300,000 plus domain names that bring in about 70 million a year in revenue.

Mr. Ham’s biggest claim to fame though is the Cameroon typo mistake in which he has made a killing.

What say you is the Cameroon typo mistake? Well all of us have done this at least once or twice or more when we type in a .com domain name as .cm instead. Go ahead and try it on almost any popular domain name that you can come up with. Try it and see what happens.

If Mr. Ham is still taking advantage of the Cameroon .cm typo then you will see a website with all kinds of related information to your typed in domain name. Lets just use one of my favorite baseball teams the New York Yankees and type in The page that comes up has many related content links for the New York Yankees. The only thing is you will also see that brand at the bottom of the page which lets you know that site is owned by Mr. Kevin Ham.

Mr. Ham, a self made solopreneur millionaire, made a deal with the country of Cameroon who owns the domain name extension .cm to redirect almost every domain name that is miss typed .cm to one of his websites. These website have both Google and Yahoo pay-per-click ads on them. Mr. Ham then gets the revenue made when you go to one of these sites and click on one of the related links. He then splits some of the revenue with the country of Cameroon.

So what is in a domain name for you. Well I don’t expect you to acquire as many domain name as Mr. Ham or even me for that matter. What I do expect is that take advantage of all the great things that can become of your business with spending as little as $6.95 on a domain name. If you don’t have your own domain name for your business I suggest you go to a website like and register your company domain name for $6.95.

The possibilities are endless once you have your own registered piece of the world wide web.

All The Best