Twitter Gives First Response News On House Fire In The Bronx

twitter_nyp_reportI have to give credit where credit is due but this post is a little more personal when it comes to the subject matter. You see I got a call from my sister at about 1 am on January 28, 2009, she was crying and screaming so loud I could hardly understand what she was trying to say to me. At first I thought the worst and feared someone had died or was injured severly.  I then told her to calm down and to please tell me what was wrong.  All she could say at first was that mom is okay.  After reasuring me that our mother was ok she then told me the devistating news that our childhood home in the Bronx went up in flames that night.

After speaking to my mom who reassured me that she was ok and on her way to the hospital, I then took to the Internet to find out any information on how this unfortunate incident could have happened.

I first tried to get the news from several websites of the local television station in New York. I then tried to get a local New York news radio station. Both proved to be very confusing and had no news about what happened to my mother”s house.

I then did a Twitter search on “Bronx Fire” and came up with the below results. All of which gave me more information on what happened to my mother’s house.


These search results not only gave me what I needed in more information but they also gave me up to date video coverage of what happened with the fire.

twitter_bronx_fire_ewnNYP and they were able to give me more detailed information on the damage of the fire.


As much as I am sad that my childhood home has gone up in flames, I am truely thankful and blessed that my mom was not seriously insured. I am also thankful to those who used Twitter that night and gave me the updates I needed to fill in all the blanks I was getting from traditional media.

The power of Twitter has become very real to me these past couple of days since the fire. I am now using Twitter to find out more on fire insurance and how to deal with public adjusters.


I will keep you all posted on my findings. Stay strong in this economy Solopreneurs.

All the best