Your Location Based Social App Has Arrived

Clarence Wooten has done it again. Mr Wooten has taken the location based social networking service 2 The Next Level. Just like he did with his Groupsite service back in 2008. I just watched the video presentation of Mr. Wooten’s newest creation at the TechChrunch Disrupt event in New York City. I am originally from New York so am highly upset that I was not able to attend this years Disrupt especially because Mr. Wooten was presenting.

If you are familiar with location based social networking services like Foresquare and Gowalla then you will definitely understand why Arrived is on point to make noise in this space.

With the Arrived app you can select a place, and add people to notify when you get to the specific location. The people selected can either opt in to be notified or to notify you upon their arrival to that specific location. Combining geo-fencing, auto-checkins, and notifications Arrived wants to provide value consumers without requiring them to change any behavior patterns or check-in.

Here is how Clarence Wooten described “Soft-Plans”

So if you’ve ever said to a friend, “Let’s hang out the next time you’re in town,” raise your hand. Right, a hundred percent. Well you may not have realized it at the time but you were making soft plans, and soft plans are casual plans with no set date and time. They revolve around a place as opposed to a set date and time.

Introducing Arrived, make soft plans and spontaneously meet up when timing is right.

Take a look at the video below and see for yourself. Arrived has all the makings of a social application that can help you keep track of, and organize your day to day event calendar. ¬†Without even trying this app can do more with just one event by merging the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Meetup and Foursquare. What’s event better is that it can keep it all public or got incognito by using its “Pause” feature.

Check out Mr. Wooten’s comment about “Arrivalytics”

So we created Arrivalytics. Arrivalytics is our proprietary recommendations algorithm that leverages machine learning to analyze your sociograph and make Arrival recommendations, based upon the shared interests, locations and travel pattern of people in the network. We think this is big. The reason it’s big, is because there’s not a technology that exists today that will help you manufacture serendipity, bring you face to face with people in your network when both time and place right.

All in all I am looking forward to using this app once it is officially released.  All the best with your new venture Mr. Wooten and continue to be one of the leaders in taking business 2 The Next Level using technology.