2 The Next LEVEL In One Hand Typing (Swype Versus iPhone)

I saw this new way of typing first hand at the TechCrunch 50 held last year. Most Impressive Demos At TechCrunch50 Day2: Swype and Postbox, Swype is now launching the first phone with its Swyping touch screen technology on a Samsung phone called the Omnia II. Check out the amazing video below that puts the Swype technology to work verses an iPhone.

OK Solos, so how could we use this type of technology in our business. My thoughts are if we can type faster with one hand on our cell phones we can get more things done, hence we can be more productive. My good friend Peggy Duncan did a blog post  7 Must-Have Gadgets I Use to Make Work Easier where she list all the gadgets that make her work life easier. This Swyping technology would be on my list to do the same thing.

Here is one way I could see this technology working is with mothers with infant children.  I was in total amazement on how my wife was able to type on a computer keyboard with one hand while nursing our young daughter. Think of how more productive she could  have been if Swype would develop a desktop keyboard that would allow her to type much faster and with more accuracy.

Can you think of other ways this technology could help or hurt Solopreneurs in being more productive? Please share them in commenting below.

All the best